Franchising Conditions


Gastro Group Franchise s.r.o. selects and takes on only those franchisees who after careful examination prove they have sufficient skills, education, personal qualities and finances to operate a La Bodeguita del Medio, La Casa Argentina, La Republica and El Mercado Argentino. All information gained via questionnaires, personal interviews and meetings, including written documents, are considered to be highly confidential and are used only for the internal needs of Gastro Group Franchise s.r.o. 

The Franchisee: 

  • must especially have demonstrable experience in the field of food services, or is represented by an authorized individual who will manage the business
  • must continually work to develop his business and maintain the collective identity and good name of the franchising network
  • must own the property or have a minimum 10 year lease
  • must provide the franchisor demonstrably correct economic data, to in the interests of efficient management facilitate the assessment of performance and financial results
  • must not provide information provided by Gastro Group Franchise, s.r.o. to third parties, both for the duration of the franchise contract and afterwards


Responsibilities of both parties to the contract: 

Mutual relations between both parties shall be governed by decency. In the event of a breach of contract, the franchisor shall notify his franchisees of this in writing, and eventually stipulate a reasonable time limit within which corrective measures need to be taken. The parties shall attempt to resolve accusations, complaints and differences of opinion with good will, honest and to-the-point discussions, and direct dealings.

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