History and the Start of a Phenomenon


La Casa Argentina Restaurant opened on 8 December 2006 in Prague 1, Dlouhá St. 35. At the time, this was a unique project with a simple vision: to fill a large gap on the market and provide guests with a business singular not only in its cuisine, but also in its original design and exceptional atmosphere. The restaurant offers guests a microcosm of Argentina, and shines both in its detailed design and in its unobtrusive inclusion of live animals and plants throughout. Design elements used to decorate the interior are at the very least exotic, and always original – be it a petrified tree or huge conch shells. A testament to the legitimacy of the initial vision of La Casa Argentina's creators is its high attendance and favour with guests, who return to this restaurant time and again. 

What can you expect?

We offer you a microcosm of Argentina. The restaurant is divided into several parts and designed to introduce you to Argentina from A to Z. 

"Salon Caminito" Restaurant & cocktail bar (130 types of cocktails) – this part of the restaurant elicits the atmosphere of the La Boca quarter, where the wild history of the city of Buenos Aires was written. This is without a doubt the most notorious quarter of the city, for two reasons. For one, it contains the most famous football stadium, where Diego Maradona shone on the Boca Juniors team. For another, it contains an attraction named Caminito, a complex of colourful housed of corrugated iron, referenced in some literature as the eighth wonder of the world. In the quarter of La Boca, you will see the tango being danced on almost every street corner. This part of the restaurant contains an open "la parilla" grill, where the Argentine grill-master (parillero) prepares juicy steaks of the highest-quality cuts right before your eyes. 

"Salon Isla" – the interior presents the illusion of an island – a coral bar. The bar has a built-in aquarium with lobsters, petrified wood facing, and on the ground huge pearl oyster shells. There are live and stuffed animals, a marmoset, agama lizard, crocodile, a turtle, and more. 

"Salon Iguazú" – here we also offer something that is an integral part of Argentina: virgin nature with waterfalls, multicoloured flora and fauna of many species. This area is dominated by a tree trunk in whose hollow live living iguanas. 

"Salon Puerto La Boca" – as Buenos Aires is a harbour town, this part is set in a harbour setting, dominated by a bar constructed from an old-fashioned ship with sails and ship swings for seats. 

"Calle de fútbol" (football street) – would Argentina without soccer be Argentina? No, it wouldn't! This is why we devoted this part to soccer. An alleyway festooned with uniforms and photos of Argentine soccer stars. 

"Salon de la Musica" – the passionate Tango dance is an integral part of Argentina, and in this salon you can try it yourself. Here you will experience the same atmosphere as in the charismatic and energy-packed clubs of Buenos Aires. You will enjoy the rhythms of the tango over a glass of Argentine wine from a traditional wine cellar.


Created & Designed by Quatro design